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regional at best

  • regional at best

    Average: 4.8 (155 votes)
    • Tracklisting:
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    1. Gun For Hands

    2. Holding On To You

    3. Ode To Sleep

    4. Slowtown

    5. Car Radio

    6. Forest

    7. Glowing Eyes

    8. Kitchen Sink

    9. Anathema

    10. Lovely

    11. Ruby

    12. Trees

    13. Be Concerned

    14. Clear

    Release Date: July 08, 2011
Average: 4.8 (155 votes)
Release date: 
July 08, 2011


dalymather's picture

If you know how to download music off youtube, I think every single one of these songs is on there so you can do it that way. Tedious, but available.

scarfpin's picture

Everyone looking for this album, they don't sell it anymore. It was a part of their deal with Fueld by Ramen, I'd advise finding a friend who has it and burning a CD.

Ajs268's picture

I have been looking for this album everywhere, I need it!

Theconker214's picture

seriously where could you find these albums what stores

amazing56's picture

*walks up to guy in black market*
yo man, you got regional at best?

barakait's picture

where can i get this album?! I have looked everywhere:(

skeletonclique21's picture

this album makes you think. it clears you mind, but at the same time you realize who you are and what you are and what you are here to do. exist. twenty one pilots has the power of this. though they are human. we are human too. we all have this power. we just have to learn how to use it.

veronikalee130's picture

The album makes me so emotional omg

kitchensink's picture

regional at best is the best album in existence . |-/

bronum63's picture

Why was this CD taken? I miss it!