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regional at best

  • regional at best

    Average: 4.9 (145 votes)
    • Tracklisting:
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    1. Gun For Hands

    2. Holding On To You

    3. Ode To Sleep

    4. Slowtown

    5. Car Radio

    6. Forest

    7. Glowing Eyes

    8. Kitchen Sink

    9. Anathema

    10. Lovely

    11. Ruby

    12. Trees

    13. Be Concerned

    14. Clear

    Release Date: July 08, 2011
Average: 4.9 (145 votes)
Release date: 
July 08, 2011


bronum63's picture

Why was this CD taken? I miss it!

zcpotthoff's picture

And while I'm thinking about it I might as well say that it is one of the most beautiful and well put together albums I have ever heard! Also, it is truly caring! Some of the most incredible and caring songs that have ever been written are on this album it is so completely incredible. Thank you Tyler and Josh.

zcpotthoff's picture

Twenty|One|Pilots are my favorite band! I love this album so much it would honestly be a dream come true if i could ever get a copy of it!

maddie323's picture

These songs should come out on the app store

X_skeleton_clique_X's picture

I love you guys so much! It is my dream to meet you guys!!!!!!!!!!!! I-/ clique for life!!!!!

RynnieThePooh's picture

This is the most amazing album ever, and the night I got it was the best night of my life! After my first concert with Twenty|One|Pilots, me and my friend stayed after the show and talked to Tyler and Josh for almost 2 hours! Then they gave us this album free and told us to listen to Kitchen Sink, which will forever be my favorite song <3 Thank you Twenty|One|Pilots! Your music saved my life <3

Silent_Pilot's picture

I want this with all of my heart.

Kayla's picture

i want it. i want it real bad.

Aleticia's picture

I want this CD so bad!

FORESTSONGS13's picture

Hey guys. It's safe to say that everybody wants Regional at Best for purchase. Sadly, it is not available on hard copy nor for download. But, Vessel included the songs: Guns for Hands, Holding on to You, Ode to Sleep, Car Radio, Trees, and House of Gold. These six songs (House of Gold was a bonus track) were originally on Regional at Best. That leaves Slowtown, Forest, Glowing Eyes, Kitchen Sink, Anathema, Lovely, Ruby, Be Concerned, and Clear. Nine songs. Although I doubt all nine songs will be released at the same time, it is possible that most of them (five or six) will be released on their upcoming, hinted Fourth Album. Just like Vessel, it would be six songs from Regional, and six new songs. That leaves three songs left. Who's to say that Fueled by Ramen won't release a deluxe edition? Including these three songs. Therefore if you buy Vessel and the Fourth Album you technically do own Regional at Best. Just not all together. Consider it Pilots, it could very well happen. And I certainly hope that it does.