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January 08, 2013
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sda4ge's picture

its crazy how two guys, a uke, and some drums can honestly make you feel something when nothing else can. Ive had much love for several other bands, but none of them compare to the love i have for TOP. Its like they get it, they understand it. So thatnks Tyler and Josh. For everything. Im sure you here that quite a bit, but it will never be enough bc so many of us owe you guys everything. Thank you for putting feeling and meaning into music again. love you guys <3

makenzee.harmer's picture

Thank You. Thank you for your songs, for videos, for your meaningful lyrics. I just started listening to you early December, and I find myself listening you all the time. To be honest as I'm writing this, I'm listening to Ode To Sleep, and today I got my Twenty One Pilots Charm Bracelet. I haven't loved an album as much as I love vessel, when ever I'm sad or depressed I know I can listen to your music as a positive outlet. I cann't wait to listen to your upcoming work. Keep doing what your doing and power to the local dreamer. |-/

Sebastian21's picture

Everyone needs to listen to their song Time to say Goodbye. It samples con te partiro and the lyrics are deep, heartfelt, and truly meaningful. I get chills and goosebumps each listen because they took an amazing song and made it their own. The song is truly incredible. All I can hope is that Josh and Tyler play it in their next tour.

Alda_vazkez's picture

I hope someday visiting the city of Merida in Mexico.
2 years ago listen and remain fascinated I am a true fan
I love guys are the best l-/

stayalivedreamon's picture

I can't describe what this music has done for me. Twenty One Pilot's music is so thought-provoking that it goes beyond measure. It is absolutely incredible what Tyler and Spooky Jim are capable of doing. Thank you. Stay alive, friends. |-/

cosmo451's picture

It has been so long since I liked an album as much as vessel. The lyrics have meaning that can make you stop and replay each song 20 or 30 times to figure out what it means, to make you think what it means to you. The music makes you want to dance or relax. When times are good and in those dark moments this music fits. TwentyOnePilots is my current obsession and I don't see it being replaced.. ever. |-/

Zephyzu's picture

I just found the older album No Phun Intended. You should post it here ;3

EL's picture

make a music video for Ode To Sleep and Semi-Automatic

DaniiOrtiz's picture

I miss you in mexico guys, please come back

Alan joseph dun's picture

vuelvan a mexico l-/