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January 08, 2013
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This will be the last I say in this arena
[Ephes5:14] [2 Corinth4:13] [1 Corinth14:21] [2 Corinth2:14-16] [1 Corinth14:54-58] [2 Corinth 5] [2 Corinth6:6-8] [Psalm103:11-13] [Luke10:2] [1 John2:27] [Matt10:17] [Matt16:6] [Matt16:11] [Romans3:4] [Mark13:33] [Ephes6:18] [1 Peter1:13 1] [Peter4:7] [Romans13:11]
[Matt26:41] [Mark13:5] [Mark13:37] [John9:4] [1 Peter4:7] [1 John2:18] [1 Thessa5:2] [1 Thessa5:4] [2 Peter3:10] [Rev3:3] [Rev16:15] [Romans1:28-32] [Romans11:2-4][Jeremiah33:2-3]
Tag, your it.


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Been looking deeper into some of the lyrics... entertain my faith, indeed. I trust this is not lost on you. Mark 3:17 Seems a good fit for the two of you.

p.s. stumbled onto your version of ' o come emmanuel ' Love to have this cranked up a notch and on your next album.


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Jesus Christ stole my car radio too. As a pool reflects a face so too a mans heart reflects the man and from the over flow of the heart the mouth speaks. Praise be to Him who comes like a theif in the night.
Glad to see others under the mask.


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Its worth a google.

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Twenty One Pilots is the best band to ever form. They helped us all through some tough times and I am glad I got to see them grow. Originally I had went to a Fall Out Boy concert back in September, and Twenty One Pilots was the opening band. Nobody knew who they were. Now just seven months later they have sold out concerts and people making thank you signs at their concerts. I am Twenty One Pilots, and so are you. |-/

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About a year ago my father passed away. Now im in a foster home and my mom is in prison. this music for the first week of my fathers passing got me through the toughest part of my life. every day I think about my dad but when I listen to this music it helps me every single time. I just wanted to say thank you for making this music I really needed it this time in my life. I am 16 years old and the closest person to me passed away. and I really am thankful for this music. ~Alexgillman47

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You should do a Beatles cover on tour. Pleeeaaase

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Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. It is always a blessing to find that we are not alone in the way we think and feel. Here's to pursuing truth at all costs. And here's to hopefully finding healing there. Love you, fellow fighters.

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Come back to Va please!

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Your music has changed my life. Best album of 2013 and probably a top 5 best album in my life.