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January 08, 2013
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Petra Grace's picture

I love this music so much! It means a whole lot to have something to listen to that speaks to me... I am in love with Vessel, Regional At Best, & Twenty One Pilots. I can't wait for the new album! Thank you so much!

marjary's picture

thank you so much for this incredible music |-/

natalanium's picture

Yo guys if anyone sees these please please please like start a petition or something to make them do another uk tour or add a couple more dates please

Ohyoupokedme's picture

Greetings from Minnesota. You are great and humble men, and words cannot express how much you've changed me and the people of this world. God uses your music to save lives, don't stop now.

I applaud your new song, "Fairly Local". It is such a great song and suites your band perfectly. Unique and counter-cultural, as most of your songs are. I feel your are destined for great things. You've already done great things; you've changed the individuals who listen to your music. Thank you for saving my life and the lives of others. You made me think.


JOSHER's picture

I've been listening to you guys for what seems like forever. You've helped me get through the toughest times of depression and addiction, and gave me new hope. So many people here in the DC area love you, so thanks for deciding to come here on your next tour. MAKE BLURRYFACE AS GREAT AS VESSEL, PLEASE!!!!

aly1998's picture

Please come to South Texas! You've got fans down here too l-/ <3 ^~^

TanTheMan's picture

YES! Please?!

RachaelSpyker's picture

Thank you for creating such important music.
You guys are rare in the fact that you address pain and hurt, but you don't immerse yourself in the endless cycle of wallowing in the addiction of that sadness. You are hopeful. Thank you for addressing the dark side of humanity, thank you for addressing some people struggle. Some people find living diffuclt. Sometimes depression feels good. Darkness happens. But there is hope, there is Joy, Joy accessible to everyone. So thank you for addressing pain, but coating it with Hope. Everyone hurts and thats okay But keep fighting the good fight. Thank you for realizing the importance of an individual's mind. Thoughts have fragrance. Your mind will be your triumph or downfall everytime. It's hard but take every thought capitve and utilize them for building yourself up rather than allowing them to drown you in self loathing pain.

sda4ge's picture

its crazy how two guys, a uke, and some drums can honestly make you feel something when nothing else can. Ive had much love for several other bands, but none of them compare to the love i have for TOP. Its like they get it, they understand it. So thatnks Tyler and Josh. For everything. Im sure you here that quite a bit, but it will never be enough bc so many of us owe you guys everything. Thank you for putting feeling and meaning into music again. love you guys <3

makenzee.harmer's picture

Thank You. Thank you for your songs, for videos, for your meaningful lyrics. I just started listening to you early December, and I find myself listening you all the time. To be honest as I'm writing this, I'm listening to Ode To Sleep, and today I got my Twenty One Pilots Charm Bracelet. I haven't loved an album as much as I love vessel, when ever I'm sad or depressed I know I can listen to your music as a positive outlet. I cann't wait to listen to your upcoming work. Keep doing what your doing and power to the local dreamer. |-/