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January 08, 2013
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amazing56's picture

Dear Tyler, Josh, and the rest of the twenty one pilots family,
Thank you for making music that actually has meaning. Music that makes me feel happy. Music that changes lives and will keep on changing lives forever. If it weren't for you guys, I might not still be here today. You guys and your music mean so much to me and I am so grateful I found you. Thanks so much for all you do, and lastly, POWER TO THE LOCAL DREAMER!
Elise Willingham

moore.hannah's picture

Your show at Music Midtown in Atlanta was absolutely amazing! When you crowd surfed and poured water over that huge bass drum while spraying it on people was the coolest thing I've ever seen!! Was anyone else at Music Midtown on September 20 & 21? (:

edmurph's picture

Great show at the Tower in Philly last night -- thank you for the terrific music and incredible energy.

EL's picture

hey you guys should make a music video for Ode to Sleep and Lovely! just a thought

Lykos's picture

thank you.

Mike Wazozwki's picture

Ya quiero que sea 21 de Noviembre para poder volver a sentir esa sensación de felicidad :D


Kayla's picture

amazing. my most favorite album that i have EVER owned & always will be. i love you Tyler Joseph & Josh Dun. you both mean more than life to me. lots of love from here in Houston. counting down the days until October 19! ♥

JanaiSullivan's picture

You guys NEED to post your self titled album! A Car A Torch A Death practically describes my life, and it's my favourite song.

mollyaronson's picture

i know! Their other album is the best! I really want them to post it on here and start playing it at their concerts too

Alexandria Lamb's picture

This album is Great I love and listen to it non stop Please come out with a new one soon!!!!!