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twenty one pilots


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United States


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Desperately seeking 4 tix to this Sat's sold out show at the National in Richmond, VA...anyone? Anyone? ANYONE?? So bumming that they are sold out! Saw them w/AWOLNATION at Towson U in MD, and they were so awesome. Vessel has been playing non-stop in my car ever since!

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So, I met Tyler after the show in San Diego on 11/9. I was so awkward it's not even funny, I guess I was what some people call "Starstruck"... I feel so bad for not saying anything including "Thank You", I mean that's pretty customary. I still feel horrible for not saying it, so if Tyler reads this, Thank You! :) you guys were amazing!

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Ok. So I have a project in my American Sign Language class and I've decided to present a song. I want to do a song from these awesome guys but I can't decide which song to do...and I also have to be able to find the deeper meaning to whatever song I choose because signing a song isn't based on the individual words but the overall concept of each stanza in the if I could have the fans' help and even better, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun's help I would be eternally grateful. I really want to be able to sign one of you guys' songs and kinda indirectly show my ASL class how awesome of a band you guys are. Thank you so much and I can't wait to see you in concert next Friday @ the House of Blues in my hometown! :D

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my brother got me into this band and they have the best music i have heard in a very long time. *fist pump for twenty one pilots*

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I want to say that this band is awesome and that Tyler joseph is hot

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Right now, I should be doing my English homework. But, you guys are just so cool. I listen to "Guns for Hands" almost a hundred times a day (alright, so I exaggerate). I'm fascinated not only by your amazing lyrics but also by the way you present them...I wish I could have that kind of bravery. Really, I just wrote this to say, I feel you. Everything you sing about, all that stuff you talk about, I feel you. Hopefully you read this, I'm a little star struck by you guys. Good day.

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I want to say something about this band..They are a true sparkle in this generation and will turn into Musicians will always be remembered. Truly Gifted Both of them... You see MUSIC is My Life I Make,it Play it. Produce it and even Eat it .This is not my kind of music at all. But this morning I turned on MTV which it is anymore but at the crack of dawn they play a few Videos. I like to check in just to see whats out there and most of the time I have to mute cause it hurt mys brain and puts me in a bad mood.Low and Behold 21 Pilots okay so I am listing to all of it now and all I can say is WOW ...This Band will evolve into what I like to call EAR CANDY and EPIC.....THANK YOU for appreciating and influenced of Music of The past I can hear a bit of it in all of your SONGS...