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"I ponder of something great My lungs will fill and then deflate"

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on July 12, 2012
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"I ponder of something great My lungs will fill and then deflate"


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The reason this is hands down my favorite song is because of how much it accurately accounts my own feelings toward silence. But not just me, I think its something everyone can relate to. We all know how scary it can be to be left alone with our thoughts. We can discourage ourselves from doing the things we so deeply desire to do, judge ourselves for our mistakes in the past, become hard on ourselves convince ourselves we're not good enough and in the end we just wish we had something to distract us from those thoughts. And we invent things to keep busy so we don't have to face them, even when we know its exactly what we must do..."I know its dire my time today" we can dwell in these thoughts we have to face them and move forward with our lives, be happy because our time is, in fact dire, like the song says.

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sooo do we leave a comment for them to read? or reply too? this is confusing....I want to ask them shomething...(:

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i love this song because it is so serious! i remember i used to spend hours staring at the ceiling and just thinking about life... pondering of something great... i feel as though we busy ourselves so we dont have to think because if we think we may find something wrong we didnt want to even think about in the first place and we will remember the emptiness and hurt that we were avoiding in the first place... but the only way to end the pain is to face it head on by bringing about change.'s picture

Spot on dude! exactly what i was thinking! Such a Great song with Great lyrics!

Luci612's picture

this is my favorite song, right now. it could change tomorrow, but right now this is my favorite song. :)