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Big Guava Music Festival


twenty one pilots's picture
on January 22, 2014

we are headed down to Florida in May for the Big Guava Music Festival. hope to see you there.


Jenaya Rose Marie's picture

I had no intentions of going to Big Guava but knowing you guys will be there ... now it's a must!!! Also very sad you guys won't be at Hangout this year but Big Guava will make up for that - even if all I can afford are Lawn tickets - I will love and enjoy it to the fullest no matter what - Love the music & Talent looks good on both of you!!!
Hangout Fest 2013 you guys blew me away - I had to talk a couple of people into seeing you guys and THEY are glad I did. You guys were a highlight to my concert events - and I'm from Austin Texas. So I must say you guys rock my socks :) or rather I rock out to you guys in my socks xP

MissingPizzaBox5's picture

I'll be there! Cant wait Im going have a heart attack seeing you guys again!