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Columbus, it's finally time. |-/


twenty one pilots's picture
on April 14, 2014

your Columbus tickets are on sale now! we're working hard to make this one the best yet // counting on you to be there |-/

Night #1:

Night #2:



McKaylaripke's picture

i can not wait!!! i saw you at adrian college and fell in love with your music!! your words are amazinf!!! i cant wait to see you!!!

mcgeezy's picture

I missed the Cincinnati show because of training at work...I WILL NOT miss Columbus! :-)

chistrobal's picture

Please we have been waiting for you for years in Chile. You should come with lollapalooza or something like that :)

FlyBri's picture

Excellent.... Saw the UC show & it was great!

casey.rife27's picture