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MTV Movie Awards


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on April 01, 2014

join us by your television for our MTV Movie Awards performance on April 13th. |-/


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I loved your presentation guys, It was awesome <3 I love you both and I think You did it wonderful!!!! I'm sad you have 6 &(%#$%& posts, You guys deserve millions.

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I felt like a proud mother watching Tyler and Josh up there in front of all those people. My hand covered my heart the whole time for fear of it falling out because it was heavy with love for those two boys. I saw them Thursday in ATL for the 4th time since last spring, and I am ready to see them again.
|-/ 4 lyfe

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Watching it right now !!!!!! You guys were AWESOME !!!!!!!! #ILoveTwentyOnePilots!!!!!!! #Number1TwentyOnePilotsFan!!!!!!

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So proud of guys, I heard you guys for the first time almost two years ago at The Next Big Thing in Tampa FL. and I told my girlfriend "Watch" this are going to make it big. the next thing I know you signed with Fueled by Ramen and dropped Vessel, then you made your appearance on the Conan O"Brien show with House of Gold and now the MTV Movie Awards, all I can say is I knew it. You guys are amazing and I am such a huge fan. your CD hasn't left my CD player for almost a year now. My 10 year old daughter knows all the words to everyone of your songs thanks to me :). Its 8:09pm EST right now and I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the awards show to start. thanks for bringing real and creative music into our hearts, you guys have gotten me through alot thank you so much.

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So I went to the one night only tour saturday April 5th, at the University of Cincinnati. It was by far the best concert i have ever went too, i was so excited to hear that about the big news! I am upset that i didnt get to meet you guys Saturday, but I did meet your brother, and josh's sister. I was sitting right behind them. I hope you guys don't get to famous to where i can't get my chance to meet you. But still I wish you the best and good luck!

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Proud of you, I'm not sure if i want everyone to know you cause your music is so special and means too much for me (or the whole clique) but at the same time want the best for you, you deserve it more than anyone, rock the stage for us, make everyone know that music can still be emotional and amazing. |-/