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tripforconcerts_spring201 on sale now


twenty one pilots's picture
on February 07, 2014

headed to the mountaintops to yell about our tickets being on sale for our headline US trip.


virice5's picture

So excited for 4/22 to see you guys in buffalo! I love you guys so much!! |-/

singingparamore's picture

This is suuuppperrrr belated but thank-you SOOOOOOO much for coming to Toronto!

StevenSmith27's picture

I've seen them twice now in Richmond, Va and I have to say that I don't think I'll ever see a greater live performance. I kinda wish they were more popular here so people will stop staring at me when I'm singing one of they're songs.

notsafeforcourt's picture

Probably waiting for the next time you post US dates, since we can't really travel out of florida atm. Congrats to those going! :)

(ps if they ever covered 'let it go' i don't even know how excited i would be lol)

LiamStarz's picture

Why aren't are you guys coming to VA???

Ngoziahachi's picture

Your Madison Wisconsin show is sold out, I've tried to get to three concerts. One day I will see you live. Though the realization stabs me every time I realize you'll be so close and yet so far.

phillyfooko's picture

I have my ticket for 4/30/14. I cannot wait. I'm 60 years old and have seen over 400 shows over the last 45 years. The passion they bring to their live show reminds me of seeing Bruce Springsteen for the first time in 1974 at the Tower Theatre. They leave it all on stage and that is both rare and beautiful. Enjoy them now in small rooms because the word of mouth will have them in large rooms within the year. Long live 21 pilots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nthingtolose's picture

Saw ~30+ shows last year with over 10 at Red Rocks & your guys show at Bonnaroo was one of the top 3 best shows all year for my gf & I. On par with Zac Brown Band's 3 nights at Red Rocks and Paul McCartney's headline at Roo.. Just so damn good! Easily best album last year hands down.

GregOD's picture

You guys were incredible at 104.5 WinterJam 2014. Can't wait to see you April 30th in the Starland Ballroom!

Neilzzo's picture

you guys should offer a VIP meet and greet………(Boston)