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'Truce' official video


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on December 31, 2013

here is a new video for the song 'Truce'. it's an ode to 2013.

and here is to 2014, spring US dates coming soon |-/


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This was good

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i want to see you guys so bad, i cant wait to see you this spring!

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Hi, I've never got to see any of your concerts yet, but I absolutely love you guys! In a way, I feel like this band and your music kinda brought back the old me, although fragmented and kinda broken still. I can relate to every one of your songs, and I really do appreciate everything you guys have done for me, showing me that I'm really not alone. I'm really hoping that my mom will get me the tickets for one of your concerts this spring for my birthday (April 4th, just around that time!) I just wanted to let you guys know, if you already didn't, how awesome and special you guys are to so many of us out there, and we're all so anxious for the tour dates to come out!
Love you guys!
From Rhode Island :)

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Awesome video. I love you guys so much and I can't wait to see you this spring. Make sure to come to Tampa! You are all so sweet. I got to meet Mark, Ben, Michael, Josh and Tyler in November. Stay street <3

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**spring US dates coming soon** how soon is soon? I need to plan accordingly, also thank you Tyler and Josh and everyone behind the scenes, I hope you are as happy as you make me feel! Fingers crossed that you come to Seattle in the spring

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Got to see them 4 times in 2013, so this is a great recap of 2013 with a great song! Love it!

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Amazing. As always.